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  • The Opportunity To Have 3 Questions Answered By Our Real Estate Lawyer

What you’ll get with is a privately owned company offering an online solution for instant premium home and property information reports for the United States. We do not have any affiliation with any official or government providers of the information offered. The following premium benefits are included in the price of each report that is purchased. You get, an instant premium listing of exclusive foreclosures, a property score and rating based on the current housing market, a guide prepared by a Certified Public Accountant to identify property related tax benefits, and the opportunity to have 3 questions related to housing and property answered by our lawyer who specializes in property law. If you would like to manually obtain your property assessor records from the official government source, you can visit your local county assessor's office to request this for no charge. For only $1.29, we offer our property information reports with the premium benefits listed.